At Vagabond Productions, we’re dedicated to creating experiences that transcend the ordinary. Whether it’s a wine tasting that ignites your palate, a music festival that moves your soul, or a culinary adventure that tantalizes your taste buds, we’re here to curate moments that make life memorable.

Why Choose Vagabond Productions?

  • Unparalleled Quality: We bring you the finest in entertainment, the most captivating venues, and the most exceptional experiences.

  • Innovation: Our events blend tradition with modernity, offering you a unique fusion of the classic and the contemporary.

  • Diversity: We cater to all tastes and preferences, from wine enthusiasts to music lovers and food connoisseurs.

  • Community: We believe in the power of connection. Our events are designed to bring people together, fostering friendships and creating lasting bonds.


Cheers to adventure, to discovery, and to making memories that last a lifetime. Welcome to Vagabond Productions!

Experiential Marketing

At Vagabond Productions, we’re not just event planners; we’re masters of experiential marketing. We understand that every event is an opportunity to create meaningful connections with your audience. Our innovative approach to marketing seamlessly weaves your brand into the fabric of our events, making each moment an unforgettable experience.

Unparalleled Live Music Collections

Music is the heartbeat of our events, and our live music collection is nothing short of extraordinary. From soulful jazz to electrifying rock, our curated selection of live performers ensures that each note resonates with the essence of the event. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and entertained like never before.

Communication & Marketing

Effective communication is the foundation of our success. We pride ourselves on clear, timely, and engaging communication with our clients, partners, and event attendees. Our marketing strategies are designed to captivate your target audience, leaving a lasting impression that extends far beyond the event itself. We bring your vision to life through compelling storytelling and strategic promotion, ensuring that your message reaches the right ears and hearts.

Featured Events

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Burleson, Texas

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Granbury, Texas

Granbury Winter Wine Walk

Granbury, Texas

Vagabond Productions

Meet the passionate and creative minds behind Vagabond Productions. Our team is a blend of event enthusiasts, wine aficionados, music lovers, and culinary experts. We are united by a shared vision of delivering unforgettable experiences and creating a sense of community through our events.